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Custom Full and Partial Dentures


When you need to replace missing teeth, our full and partial denture designs offer an affordable solution. At Lakeside Dental we work with the best denture labs available to create durable, attractive prosthetics that help you smile with confidence again.

Traditional Removable Dentures

In situations where all of your teeth need to be replaced at one time, a full upper or lower denture is a smart economical decision. Sometimes called “plates,” dentures span from one side of your mouth to the other, fully replacing all of the upper or lower teeth in a single prosthesis. Any existing teeth (such as those that are diseased) will need to be extracted before the denture can be worn.

Partial Denture Prosthetics

Your healthy, natural teeth are almost always the best thing for your smile. In instances where several teeth are missing, you won’t want to have the healthy teeth extracted just to get a denture made. The most appropriate solution may be a partial denture.

Unlike full dentures that span the width of your entire arch, a partial denture only replaces the teeth that are missing. It clips into place around the teeth that are still stable enough to maintain. Partials are also a good choice when there are too many missing teeth to get a fixed traditional bridge.

Partials come in various designs, the two most common being an acrylic base or a metal one. The “teeth” attached to the base are porcelain or high-quality acrylic and made to match the shape, size, and color of the healthy teeth adjacent to them.

Implant Supported Overdentures

A conventional denture stays in place by creating a suction between the acrylic base and your gums. Sometimes there’s not enough bone under the gums to provide an adequate surface area, causing your denture to rock or shift throughout the day. Rather than rely on an adhesive or paste, there’s another alternative to consider: implant stabilization.

With an implant overdenture, there are designs to permanently affix your denture in place, or still have it removable for convenient daily care.

Denture Care: Getting the Most Out of Your Prosthesis

Aside from implant supported dentures, a removable denture can gradually weaken the bone in your jaw or cause a tissue infection if it’s worn too long. That’s why we suggest removing your prosthesis nightly. Soak your denture in a lukewarm cleaning solution and brush it clean the next morning. Not only will this help you avoid conditions like thrush, it will keep your denture fresh and stain free.

Denture Repairs and Relines

Occasionally, emergencies do happen. If you’ve dropped your denture and it has cracked or broken, give our office a call. We can repair or replace it with an even better one. If you’ve had your denture for several years and it’s starting to not fit very well, relining the base may be all you need.

We recommend bringing your denture in with you for your annual dental exam. We can adjust the fit and make sure your gums and bone are as healthy as possible.

Which One is Right for You?

Getting a new denture made is an individual process. We’ll want to discuss things like your short-term goals, long-term expectations, budget, and the process involved for the type of denture you want.

During your consultation, our Moses Lake dentists will discuss advantages to each model and how they fit your particular situation. From there, we’ll create a customized care plan that outlines all of the visits and fees involved, so you know exactly what to expect.

Are missing teeth making it impossible to smile or laugh around your friends? Call Lakeside Dental today to schedule an evaluation. Financing plans are available.

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