Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you beginning to realize how the discolorations in your teeth affect your smile? Or you may be preparing for a job interview or a big event like a wedding. Have you been worried that you might not make a good impression with your smile because of discolored teeth? Professional teeth whitening is what you need!

Teeth whitening refers to all the processes involved in making your teeth lighter. Several teeth whitening methods are currently available, ranging from over-the-counter products to at-home whitening procedures and teeth whitening at a dentist's office.

While all of these methods have proven effective at several levels, in this piece, you'll learn about how professional teeth whitening works. Before diving into that, let's consider why you might need teeth whitening.

How to Know if You Need Teeth Whitening

  • The appearance of discolored teeth: The appearance of yellow teeth or varying shades of coloration between your teeth indicates that you might need teeth whitening.
  • Aging: Many body parts, including your teeth, often don't remain the same as you age. Most times, brushing your teeth properly may not be enough to counter the aging effects on your teeth' color.
  • Lifestyle: Some habits can contribute to teeth discolorations, creating a need for a teeth whitening procedure. Smoking is a leading cause of teeth discoloration. The tar and nicotine in cigarettes affect teeth color. Other activities that may affect teeth color include drinking coffee and wine, high-sugar-containing foods, etc.
  • Genetic factors: Your genes could also be a reason why your teeth may become discolored, even if you are trying so hard to maintain your dental health.

If you are considering having a teeth whitening procedure, there are three ways to get it done. The following is a breakdown of the different methods.

The Use of Over-the-Counter Products

Some over-the-counter products are available for teeth whitening, including mouthwash and whitening toothpaste. Some of the active ingredients in these products include baking soda and charcoal which work as abrasives, causing the stains and discolorations to wear off.

A good number of these products also contain the most common active ingredients in teeth whitening products - hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in low concentrations. However, one of the dangers of using these over-the-counter products is their abrasive effects. According to a publication by the American Dental Association, the enamel, the outer layer of the teeth, doesn't repair whenever it wears off.

The Use of At-Home Whitening Products

The use of at-home whitening products is a procedure that lies somewhere between professional and do-it-yourself treatment. In this teeth whitening method, your dentist will provide you with a custom take-home tray. This tray is custom-made in that it will fit perfectly to the shape of your mouth.

The tray will be used with a carbamide peroxide-based gel with a concentration of 10%-38%. Although hydrogen peroxide-based gel seems more effective, it has a stronger tendency to cause teeth sensitivity. Also, you might be required to keep wearing the tray for up to a month or even be invited by your dentist for follow-up treatment.

In-Office Whitening

In-office whitening is a professional teeth whitening procedure performed by a certified dentist. The procedure usually lasts up to an hour and may not require follow-up treatment. However, the duration of the procedure depends mainly on your individual needs.

There are several ways an in-office whitening procedure can be performed:

  • You could have a syringe for applying concentrated hydrogen peroxide over your teeth.
  • Light of high intensity, such as halogen, ultraviolet, or LED light can be combined with hydrogen peroxide. A laser device or lamp can be used to apply the light to your teeth. Exposing your teeth to light isn't harmful, and the identified side effects have been proven transient and temporary.

Steps Involved in Professional Teeth Whitening

The following are the steps involved in an in-office whitening procedure:

  1. You need to agree with your dentist about how many shades you want your teeth to be whiter. This must be after the dentist has determined the current shade using a chart.
  2. Using a pumice tool, your tooth will be polished, and any residual plaques will be removed.
  3. Before applying the whitening agent, your dentist will fix a barrier along the gum line.
  4. After completing the teeth whitening, your dentist rinses your mouth and applies fluoride to prevent the possibility of sensitivity.

After the procedure, you can discuss with your dentist if your teeth now have the desired shade. Also, it would help if you asked your dentist for advice on healthy habits and lifestyle regimens that can help sustain your new smile.

Differences Between Professional Teeth Whitening and an At-Home Procedure

• Longevity

It's tricky to decide which treatment lasts longer. However, because of the possibility of ordering whitening agents that you can use alone at home, at-home treatment can last longer. You can easily do necessary touchups whenever necessary.

• Time

In-office treatment consumes less time than at-home treatment. While an in-office treatment takes a maximum of 90 minutes, at-home treatment takes up to a month of wearing the tray for two hours or more daily.

• Cost

Professional teeth whitening is more expensive than at-home treatment. The most expensive at-home treatment cost about $600, which is still cheaper than a modest in-office treatment.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Moses Lake, WA

Lakeside Dental in Moses Lake offers effective teeth whitening options that can restore a flawless smile. Our professional treatment is an ideal start for you if you're considering a smile makeover or a cosmetic dental treatment. Your natural glow can be restored, and you can have that white smile you've always wished for.

In addition to conducting a teeth whitening procedure, Moses Lake dentists will provide you with professional advice on sustaining your treatment. Please schedule a consultation with us to enjoy the services of any of the best dentists in Moses Lake.