Teeth WhiteningWould you like to have whiter teeth? Of course, you would – who wouldn’t? When caring for your oral health, your first concern should be making sure that your mouth is in good condition as far as avoiding things like tooth decay and gum disease. With that said, there is nothing wrong with paying attention to the cosmetic condition of your mouth, as well. With bright white teeth, you’ll have plenty of confidence to show off your smile in public.

If you have decided that you would like to work toward whiter teeth, you have a couple of options. First, you can choose to do the project yourself, with the help of a DIY tooth whitening kit. These kits are easy to find, either in stores or online, and they are also easy to use. The appeal of being able to handle this task in the comfort of your own home is certainly appealing.

The other main option is to have your teeth whitened in a dental office. Choosing to work with a professional comes with a number of benefits that are not seen with the DIY method. So, which is right for you? Let’s take a closer look.

A Matter of Power

Right away, we are going to touch on the big issue here between professional teeth whitening and DIY teeth whitening. When you purchase something to use at home, that product simply isn’t going to have the whitening power of what will be used in a dental office. So, even if you use it perfectly, and follow all of the instructions to the letter, the chances are you won’t get the same kind of results that you would have gotten from a dentist.

If you do manage to make meaningful progress with the whiteness of your teeth, it’s almost certainly going to take a long time. Since you are using something that isn’t particularly powerful, it could require many treatments over a long period of time before you start to get the kind of results you desire. Of course, if you do decide to use an at-home treatment, always use the product in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer.

In Good Hands

You aren’t a dentist. Well, at least, you probably aren’t a dentist, if you are reading this. With that in mind, you need to decide whether or not you are confident enough in your own abilities to use an at-home kit in a way which will lead to good results. Sure, the kits make it pretty easy for you to handle, but it’s still not the same thing as trusting the job to an experienced professional who does this kind of work regularly.

While having your teeth whitened in a dental office may cost more than purchasing a DIY kit, you are getting a lot for your money. Part of what you are getting is the talent and training of the dentist who will be doing the work. For instance, the team here at Lakeside Dental has performed many previous teeth whitening treatments, and we’ll bring all of that experience to your appointment. You can feel good about the fact that we know what we are doing, and we’ll work hard to make sure the outcome is one you are happy with.

Don’t Go Too Far

We’ve already discussed how at-home DIY treatments are not as powerful as the kinds of treatments you can receive in a dental office. However, if you don’t need to whiten your teeth very much, or if you stick with it for a long period of time, you might end up with significant results. In fact, you might go too far. Without the experience necessary to manage your treatment properly, it’s possible that you end up with teeth which are whiter than what you were hoping to achieve. There is little risk of having this happen when you have the treatment completed in a professional office.

Use Your Time Wisely

Here’s the thing – on the surface, it might seem like using a DIY teeth whitening kit would be a great way to save time while still moving toward your smile goals. Unfortunately, it might not work out that way in the end. By performing at-home treatments, you’ll need to take time out of your day to learn how to use the kit, and you’ll then need to remember to do it on the schedule which is set out by the specific kit you purchase. If you are as busy as most people these days, that means adding yet another item to your to-do list.

Alternatively, you could just make an appointment at Lakeside Dental to have the job done. You won’t have to worry about teaching yourself how to use any kits, and you won’t have to remind yourself to keep up with the treatment. You just a pick an appointment time that works with your schedule, stop by our office, and we take it from there. In a world which is often too busy and complicated, this is a great way to keep things simple. Remember, doing it yourself is not always the easy way to go. More likely, the easy way is to turn the work over to a professional while you keep your mind on other things.

At Lakeside Dental, we are proud to offer our patients professional teeth whitening services. While you might be able to get decent results using an at-home method, you’ll never see the same kind of lasting results that can be achieved through a professional treatment. Whether you are hoping to whiten your teeth dramatically, or you just want to move one or two shades whiter in advance of an upcoming event, we are here to help. If you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us right away to get started. Let’s make your smile look great!