Preventive Dentistry

We believe that your oral health has an important impact on your overall health as well as your lifestyle. Therefore, at Lakeside Dental we do our best to ensure that your teeth as well as mouth always remain healthy. We always speak to our patients to make sure that they are aware of the best practices and have been trained in healthy habits regarding oral health, also known as preventive dental care.

Our dentists and dental team are proactive and will educate our patients on daily brushing as well as flossing techniques that will help them have a nice smile. Some of the methods that we encourage our patients to follow help them in the long run to have a beautiful smile that lasts forever.

Preventive Dentistry Methods

The preventative dentistry methods that we recommend are mentioned below and have been tried and tested by our patients. We believe that those who follow these rules will be able to have healthier teeth and gums along with a better lifestyle which will allow them to enjoy all the good things in life.

1.Brushing and Flossing

Our dentists in Moses Lake recommend brushing twice a day as well as flossing to maintain good oral health and fresh all day long. This helps in the process of getting rid of plaque as well as bacteria which can lead to tooth decay. When you speak to our dentist, they will recommend a toothpaste that has fluoride so that the enamel of the tooth can be protected. Also, having a good toothbrush is very important so that you can clean in all the hard-to-reach surfaces in the mouth.

2.Eating Healthy

We believe that eating healthy has a significant impact on your overall oral health. We will advise you to eat foods that contain just the right amount of nutrients for your teeth and are healthy for your gums. During a consultation with your dentist in Moses Lake, make sure you ask about which foods are harmful to your teeth so that you can minimize your intake. Some of the foods which are highly acidic and contain sugars have higher chances of leading to tooth decay as well as cavities. Our experts will advise you about calcium-rich foods as well as vitamins so that you can have strong bones as well as tooth enamel.

3.Practice Good Dental Hygiene

We always discourage smoking as well as using tobacco. The usage of tobacco and smoking can lead to discoloration of the teeth and lead bad breath in the long run. When a patient has bad breath, they usually lack self-confidence, and it becomes our duty to treat the problem as soon as possible. We make sure that our patients are treated at our dental clinic and will ensure that once they leave, they have a bright smile. The cleaning options that we provide are affordable and can serve as a solution to improving the appearance of the teeth and oral health of the individual.

4.Protective Mouth Gear

At Lakeside Dental, we have patients who love to take part in sports, and we inform them of the importance of using protective gear such as a mouthguard. The high-impact activities and sports can be played if we are making sure to safeguard our smile in the process. We also discourage using teeth to open bottles or even to cut objects for ease.

5.Scheduling a Dental Visit

At our dental practice, we have flexible appointments available. We strongly recommend that our patients come into Lakeside Dental for a check-up every six months to examine for any issues that may have occurred over time. The younger patients are tracked for growth and development to ensure that there are no abnormalities in the mouth and that cavities are taken care of immediately. Our Moses Lake dentists are experts in providing oral screenings and our skilled hygienists perform dental cleanings every six months so that all plaque or dirt is removed.

With preventative dentistry, a patient can benefit in many ways besides having healthy teeth and gums. Some of the benefits may include:

• Detection of Diseases Early On

With a routine visit to our dental office, you can ensure an increase in the chance of successful treatment. If you have any problems that are unresolved such as cavities, then this can lead to tooth loss or even an abscess. Therefore, our dentist will discover the root cause and tackle the problem before it gets worse and develops into secondary problems such as diabetes or heart disease.

• Lower Costs

At Lakeside Dental, we have affordable cost options for treatment as compared to other locations. We believe that it is always best to invest in professional cleanings as well as checkups rather than spend thousands of dollars on restorative procedures.

• Spending Less Time at the Dentist's Office

Patients that observe preventive dental habits usually spend less time at the dental clinic. They will only be required to come to Lakeside Dental for regular check-ups as well as cleanings instead of having to go through an extensive procedure.

• Enjoying a Better Lifestyle

At our office, it is our goal to make sure our patients have healthy mouths and try to avoid dental problems which can harm their quality of life. We do not want individuals to constantly worry about treatments and procedures as well as go through complications of fillings, root canals, or dental implants. It is through preventive dentistry that we can ensure that we are living a happy and pain-free lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about preventive dentistry, make sure that you visit our Moses Lake dentists so that they can ensure that you always have good dental health. We have a dedicated team of experts who will provide high-quality care and will make sure you walk out with the pearly white smile that you rightfully deserve!