Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is known as a dental procedure that involves repairing or even replacing an individual’s tooth. This restorative process includes root canals, filling cavities, or even dental implants. At your Moses Lake dentist, we have professionals that provide high-quality restorative dentistry to our patients so that they can have a beautiful smile.

The procedures that we provide to our clients under restorative dentistry are:

Cavity Fillings: The fillings are one of the most well-known restorative dental procedures that our Moses Lake dentists are experts at. They can decipher if bacteria are burrowing into the enamel which is the harder outer layer of the tooth. If the dentist sees that there is a hole in the tooth or a cavity that must be filled to protect the soft pulp inside, then they will work towards removing the damage within the tooth and filling the hole with a material that is the same color as the normal tooth. This filling will help in preventing the bacteria from attacking the tooth or infecting it further.

Root Canals: Our dentists in Moses Lake are equipped with the technology as well as the expertise to conduct root canal procedures. They will first see how far the cavity has gone into the tooth and how much of the soft pulp inside the tooth is exposed. If a patient comes in with a root canal after injury to a tooth, then the dentist will first clean out the soft pulp from inside the tooth before performing the procedure. The inside of the tooth will then be filled with composite material like that of the cavity filling so that the tooth can no longer be infected.

Crowns: In this process, our Moses Lake dentists will first see how much the tooth has been damaged, decayed, or even cracked. This will help to identify if the tooth can be reinforced with a crown. This is a procedure that can be done by our experts who will shave down the tooth and then place a crown over it. In the end, the crown that is placed will look just like the natural tooth and will remain in place.

Dental Implants: In Moses Lake one of the most common procedures, we do are dental implants. The patients that come to us are usually dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth and would like to regain their confidence. Here at Lakeside Dental, we extract the teeth if they have severe decay and will replace them with dental implants. These are artificial teeth that have a root that is made of titanium and is a biocompatible material that tends to attach to the jaw, and this helps in maintaining a solid hold. In this procedure, the root is placed in the jaw of the patient, and a crown is attached at the top. The best part is that the implant can perform the function of a natural tooth and is one of the safest tooth replacement options.

Bridge: The dental bridge is suspended in between the two crowns and is an artificial tooth or even a row of teeth. Our Moses Lake dentists will first explain the process to the patient and then will hold the bridge in place with crowns which are put in place over the original teeth on the sides of the bridge. This bridge will sit on top of the gums but will not include the root.

Denture: If you have noticed that you do not have healthy teeth inside of your mouth then it is time to consult with our Moses Lake dentist who will suggest dentures as a replacement option. They will explain the process of how dentures can be attached to the gums by suction or even by adhesives. The client will be provided with an option of Snap-On dentures which will easily hold in place by dental implants that are placed inside of the jaw.

The Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

At Lakeside Dental, we want to ensure that our patients are receiving the best services possible. When our patients come into our dental practice, we make sure that they are comfortable with the process and as a result are satisfied. The overall process of restorative dentistry has numerous benefits that we explain as well as go over so that we can provide the best option to the customer.

Restore Function: This is one of the biggest benefits of restorative procedures and allows the function of the teeth to be fully restored. It becomes possible to talk without having others judge your smile because your teeth are healthy, and your confidence level is higher.

Eliminating Pain: The Moses Lake dentist will try to eliminate the pain through restorative procedures which may involve conducting a root canal. After this process has been completed the issue of pain will be corrected as well as the cause of the infection will no longer cause discomfort.

Improving Your Smile: At the dentist in Moses Lake, we take pride in our work as we help people achieve a beautiful smile that allows them to regain their confidence levels.

Preventing Dental Issues from Escalating: The American Dental Association focuses on encouraging people to correct dental issues as soon as they are detected. The dentist in Moses Lake will make sure that cavities are filled as soon as possible so that the tooth can be saved.

Preserving Jawbone Density: Our dentist in Moses Lake can replace missing teeth with implants so that the bone density of the jaw can be preserved. If there is a tooth that is missing, then the odds are the jaw will begin to weaken as well as dissolve. The professional dentists in Moses Lake will conduct a graft procedure to replace the missing or unviable tooth immediately so that bone loss can be prevented.

Here at Lakeside Dental, we do our best to make sure that our patients have the best restorative dentistry experience possible. We offer the best dentistry experience to our patients. Call us or contact us online to schedule your appointment today!